🎲Gameplay Mechanics

A. Games

there are multiple games for you to play and guess the wallets key that lead you into a grand prize.

B. Levels

The Wallet League boasts 24 levels, each representing a secret word of prize wallet.

C. Word Guessing

Get ready to flex your word-sleuthing skills! Here are the exciting ways you can reveal the secret word:

  • Letter-by-Letter: Channel your inner detective and uncover the word letter by letter. But be careful, wrong guesses might cost you points or even limit your attempts.

  • Scrambled Surprise: The secret word will be jumbled up, testing your ability to unscramble the letters and reveal the hidden treasure!

D. Progression

How do you conquer these levels and move ahead? Here are the options:

  • Straightforward Progression: Guess the secret word correctly, and you'll seamlessly advance to the next level, one step closer to the grand prize!

  • Limited Attempts: Each level might offer a limited number of attempts to guess the word. Make them count, or you might have to use your hints to get another chance to guess.

E. Hints and Power-Ups

Need a helping hand? We might offer occasional hints or power-ups to nudge you in the right direction. You can earn them within the game or purchase them with TON currency for an extra edge.

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